The Embassy of the Republic of Ghana in Tel Aviv, wishes to bring to the kind attention of individuals, Organizations and the Israeli Business Community about the activities of internet fraudsters who are purportedly operating in Ghana.

          These fraudsters have unfortunately succeeded in duping a number of Israelis by:

  • Luring their victims into “investing” in non-existing businesses, especially gold and diamond operations in Ghana.

  • Promising single Israelis of marriage and companionship.

  • Promising their victims varied percentages of family inheritance, usually in cash and gold deposits, if they are assisted to transfer such inheritance to Israel, due to family controversies surrounding such properties.

Unfortunately, in most of the cases and complaints received and investigated by the Embassy, the victims do not verify these claims before entering into these phony proposals and arrangements. The Embassy has, at most times, prevented such scams when it is brought to its attention at an early stage.

Individuals, Organizations, and the Israeli Business Community are therefore advised to always contact the Embassy about such business or individual proposals they receive for verification and proper guidance.

We wish to assure all that Ghana is open for business and the Embassy stands in readiness to assist prospective investors and businesses with the relevant and necessary information and guidance to do credible business for the mutual benefit of both Ghana and Israel.


     Thank you.

Ghana Embassy in Israel