Advantages for Relocating In Ghana

  • A stable political environment, with established democratic institutions and systems to ensure good governance.

  • Abundant, adaptable, easily trainable and cost-effective labour force.

  • Excellent sea and air connections with Europe and the USA.

  • A strategic and central location within the West Africa sub-region providing access to a total market of around 250 million people.

  • A dynamic private sector willing to collaborate with foreign partners.

  • A high degree of personal safety.




  • For information on investment opportunities, registration of projects involving foreign participation, and general investment:

    The Chief Executive,
    Ghana Investment Promotion Centre,
    P.O. Box M193, Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 665125-9,
    Fax: 233 (21) 663801, 
    E-mail address:

    For export business especially in non-traditional export sector:

    The Executive Secretary,
    Ghana Export Promotion Council,
    P.O. Box M146, Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 228813 or 228830,
    Fax: 233 (21) 668263 or 233725,
    E-mail address:

    For investment and trade in Ghana's Free Zones:

    The Executive Secretary,
    Ghana Free Zones Board,
    P.O. Box M47, Ministries Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 780532-5, 
    Fax: 233 (21) 780536,
    E-mail address:

    For the verification of authenticity and rating of business in Ghana:

    The Registrar-General,
    Registrar General Department,
    P.O. Box 118, Accra
    Tel: 22 (21) 664691,
    Fax: 662043

    For stock Market Operations:

    The Managing Director, 
    Ghana Stock Exchange, 
    Cedi House, Liberia Road, 
    P.O. Box 1894, Accra
    Tel: 233 (21) 669908/669914/66935, 
    Fax: 233 (21) 669913. 
    E-mail address:


Ghana Embassy in Israel