On the occasion of International Women's Day, the Israeli Network of Women in Diplomacy which is constituted by ex officio members of all female officers at the host Ministry of Foreign Affairs and every female diplomat accredited to the State of Israel, initiated a special educational project dabbed "Ambassador for a Day". The project focused on young girls aged between 14 and 17 from a "NAAMAT" school in Lod, a city that deals with many socio-economic challenges. In the entire school there are only 32 girls out of 200 students and the Women in Diplomacy Network is working to empower them all.

As part of the “Ambassador for a Day” Project, participating Embassies in Israel each hosted two girls on 5th March, 2020. The two young girls assigned to the Embassy of Ghana, Ester Almihu and Darya Yagorova were accompanied by an official from the Israeli Foreign Ministry and a teacher from their school.

The girls held a meeting with the Home-Based Staff, including the Ambassador, H.E. Hannah Ama Nyarko and presented her with a beautiful mosaic frame. They later accompanied the Ambassador to a meeting with the African Group of Ambassadors in Israel where they had the opportunity to express themselves to over a dozen Heads of Mission. Upon their return to the Chancery, they had one-on-one sessions with the staff in their respective offices to learn about the various schedules handled by them on a daily basis.


After a hard day’s work as “Ambassadors”, the girls were refreshed with the award-winning Ghana Jollof, alongside many tasty Ghanaian side dishes. They were each presented with a stole of Ghana’s symbolic hand-woven Kente, premium Ghanaian chocolates and a hand-crafted wall hanging from Ghana, before their departure to School.