In pursuance of this objective an eight-member delegation from the Foreign Ministry, led by Ambassador Jacques Revah, the Deputy Director General for Africa paid an exploratory visit to Accra in November 2010. During the visit the team held meetings with the Mayor of Accra, officials of the Lands Commission and other relevant institutions in Accra and also located suitable properties for the Embassy. 


 Visit of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Avigdor Lieberman to Accra

 In September 2009 the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Avigdor Lieberman led a government delegation including a large retinue of businessmen, to a one-day visit to Accra. The trip formed part of the Minister’s visit to five African countries. During the visit the Minister signed, on behalf of his country, an Agricultural Cooperation Agreement between Ghana and Israel. A business forum, attended by economic operators in Ghana, was also held at the Accra International Conference Centre.


Promotion of Economic, Trade and Investment Relations


The Department of Economic Affairs of the Foreign Ministry; the Ministry of Industry and Trade; the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute; the Israel-Africa Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Israeli chambers of Commerce, are the main collaborators of the Mission in its pursuit of Ghana’s economic interest. 

One area that this Mission has identified as having the potential of developing into an important component of bilateral relations between Ghana and Israel is that of Agriculture.  A certain convergence can be established between Israel’s accomplishments in agriculture and Ghana’s desire to expand productivity in this sector. Additionally, irrigation should be a central component of this sector.

The fact that Israel’s phenomenal accomplishment in agriculture is acknowledged universally requires no elaboration here. Suffice it to state that in its 60 years of existence as a state, Israel has transformed itself from a small desert country, poor in water and arable land, into a net exporter of over US$1.2 billion in agricultural inputs.  This feat was achieved by turning the whole country, from the onset, into a veritable agricultural experimental station.  The result was the attainment of self-sufficiency and the development of technology to meet demands for an ever-increasing produce yield for the export market.  In more recent years, thanks to the peace process, Israeli agriculture has gone global, with countries as diverse as China and Venezuela turning to Israel for their technological solutions to agricultural problems.

In Ghana, enhancing the performance of the agricultural sector remains a national priority.  In various policy statements of government, increased productivity, agro-processing and marketing have been mentioned as objectives of Ghana’s agricultural growth strategy.  It is the opinion of this Mission that collaborating with Israel would impact positively on the success of this strategy. It must be mentioned in this regard that Ghana has actively participated in Agritech Fairs and Exhibitions, which are organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of Israel every four



In line with the objective of Ghana’s Foreign Policy, the Tel Aviv Mission seeks to promote and protect the interest of Ghana and its citizens in a bilateral setting.  The ultimate aim, in these efforts, is to enhance the socio-economic development of Ghana and the quality of life of its people.


i.  Attraction of Israeli investment into needed sectors of the Ghanaian economy. Seek potential markets for Ghana’s exports thereby enhancing bilateral trade.


ii. Facilitation of strategic partnership between businesses in Israel and Ghana’s private sector operatives which serve as the engine of growth for the Ghanaian economy.


iii. Nurturing Ghana’s image in Israel to ensure enhanced goodwill and increased inflows of official development assistance and preferential arrangements in support of Ghana’s development priorities and overall economic aspirations.


iv.  Vigorous promotion of Ghanaian Christian pilgrims to visit Holy sites in Israel.