In line with the objective of Ghana’s Foreign Policy, the Tel Aviv Mission seeks:


i.    To promote and protect the interest of Ghana and its citizens in a bilateral setting.  The ultimate aim, in these efforts, is to enhance the  socio-economic development of Ghana and the quality of life of its  people.

ii.    Attraction of Israeli investment into needed sectors of the Ghanaian economy.

iii.   Seek potential markets for Ghana’s exports thereby enhancing bilateral trade.


iv.   Facilitation of strategic partnership between businesses in Israel and Ghana’s private sector operatives, which serve as the engine of growth for the Ghanaian economy.


v.    Nurturing Ghana’s image in Israel to ensure enhanced goodwill and increased inflows of official development assistance and preferential arrangements in support of Ghana’s development priorities and overall economic aspirations.


vi.   Vigorous promotion of Ghanaian Christian pilgrims to visit Holy sites in Israel.


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